Silver Star

Discover Europa Park Rust (Germany). This is a Photo Guide...
Entdecken Sie den Europapark in Rust (Deutschland). Dies ist ein Foto Guide...


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Download your favourite Europa Park Photo now. Klick the thumbernails to view a larger version of the  shot.

To get more informations about Europa Park please visit the official website of the parc near Rust / Freiburg in Germany.

Silver Star's horseshow (lateral loop)

Visit Kimi Raikkonens Formula One Racer

The first drop: from a heith of 73 meters with up to 130 km/h

Parts of the Silverstar track leave the park and cross the parking area.

Best weather for a Silverstar ride: hot temperatures and sunny skies

Climb up the Silverstar lifthill

Technical details of the Silver Star track

Going down...

The Formula 1 Safety Car

The first of the 1620 meters of Silver Stars track

If you like airtime, you'll get pretty much riding Silverstar

Silverstar-Video: this is an inofficial video clip with onboard sequences. It's a WMV-Video, playble with the Microsoft Mediaplayer 9 (or higher). Time: 3.04 min. Rightclick to download the Silver Star Video (18 MB).
The filename of the Silverstar Video changes regulary. So please don't link the file, link this site. Thank you   ;-)
General Archives Silver Star Atlantica SuperSplash Euromir Poseidon Hotel Colosseo

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