Different Types of Tow Trucks 

A motorcycle, truck, car, or any vehicle could break down unexpectedly any time of the day and anywhere. Even though you’ve maintained your vehicle, it can still happen provided that vehicles are machines and sometimes they could be faulty at the least unforeseen moments. This could possibly occur due to an accident, a mechanical or wiring default, icy or wet roads, or simply other reason that we can’t determine. At times like this, all we need is a professional towing service, such as Towing Laredo TX, which could safely rescue your vehicle easily and without any damage. In this article, we will be able to know various types of tow trucks and what they are intended for in terms of towing vehicles and towing requirements. The following tow trucks are divided into 4 classes: 

Heavy duty 

A heavy-duty towing truck can complete the job for you if the vehicle that requires to be towed are large ones, such as a semi-truck and a truck. This type of truck is assembled for stability and greater strength, which are qualities that are needed to carry heavy load vehicles. 


One of the most typical tow trucks that we see and potentially one of the most-used towing trucks are flatbed towing trucks. This tow truck has a flatbed or a long platform at the rear that grasps a vehicle in place. This truck utilizes hydraulics to maneuver the flatbed down and up to tow the vehicle easily. Once a vehicle is not functioning, it could easily be pulled up to the ramp. But, if it’s still functional, it could be driven into the ramp easily. A flatbed tow truck is used to tow high-value cars or vehicles that undergone severe damage.  


Chain and hook 

One of the traditional types of tow truck is this one. The name itself explains this truck since it usually has a large hook that supports the car being towed and a long chain that lifts the vehicle onto the rear wheels or off the ground. But, this is not the safest towing truck available since it could put the car under extreme pressure. This type of tow truck is preferred for towing motorcycles and goods since the weight is lesser. 

Winch Out  

Towing trucks are sometimes needed once a vehicle gets stuck in a broken pavement, snow, or even mud, in which it is required to lift the vehicle to and place it on stable ground. In this case, a winch out tow truck is what you need. It simply lifts you and places you back on the pavement.  

Those are just a few of the various tow trucks that could help you out in times of sudden trouble. If you want more information that you want to know, just visit Towing Laredo TX or contact us to provide you an immediate rescue with the help of our professional service team. If you happen to be in trouble on the streets or highway, contact us right away.