Maintaining the cleanliness of your garden and lawn won’t only enhance your home’s look but it could also prevent disputes with code enforcers and neighbors. If you’re just trying to figure out how gardening works or if you have neglected your yard for a long time, you might be stunned about the chores you need to do to maintain your lawn, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Knowing what should be done every upcoming season could assist you in managing your garden tasks: 


A lawn that’s maintained properly is one of the first things that people will notice regarding your yard.  

  • On springtime, the grass tends to rapidly grow. You should not cut it short thinking that you will need to mow less often. Instead, for you to prevent stressing the grass and encourage healthy growth, you have to keep your mower blade high. You should edge around driveways and sidewalks every time you mow.  
  • If necessary, you can fertilize your lawn during mid-spring and make sure that you follow all the directions provided in the package.  
  • During summer, avoid mowing during dry and hot spells and pour one inch of water every week to keep your lawn green.  
  • Throughout summer and spring, you can pull weeds once it’s noticeable.  
  • During fall, resend any bare patches and rake leaves as you can. During winter, you can only mow if it’s necessary. 


In the landscape, trees offer several purposes. However, trees could turn out to be a pain or even hazardous once they are not maintained well.  

  • During springtime, trees are beginning to flower and putting on new growth. This is an ideal time to mulch around the tree, prune dead branches, and trim out any suckers.  
  • During summertime, you need to be careful of disease or insect infestation. Once you notice that your yard has one of those, you have to call a professional arborist near you. Trees have to be pruned after they have stopped flowering. Other trees require this task to be done during summer and others during spring.  
  • During fall, you have to rake the fallen leaves up while they fall. 

Vines and shrubs 

Vines and shrubs soften your home’s edges. Yet they should be maintained or else they will look untidy.  

  • During springtime, you need to add a 2 up to 3 inches layer of mulch over them and give them a balanced fertilizer. This season is also the perfect time for pruning to eliminate unwanted growth or to keep the shape of your shrubs and vines.  
  • During summertime, you have to deeply water shrubs once a week and water the vines based on the needs of the plant. 
  • During fall, trim particular deciduous vines to the ground, like clematis. While others, including honeysuckle, should only be pruned to eliminate overgrown or dead branches.  

Those are just a few of the tips about landscaping that Landscaping Nanaimo has to offer. If you want more hacks that you want to know, just visit our website or contact us to get an appointment with our professional landscaping services team.